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Predictive Dialer

In a manual dialing process, calling up hundreds of prospects and tracking information pertaining to each customer becomes a very tedious job. More than 60% of the agent's time is spent idle and they are left with an average talk time of mere 10-15 minutes per hour.

The features of AMEYO's Predictive Dialer are:

  • It completely automates dialing
  • Increases talking time significantly
  • Comprehensive capabilities include voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, CRM, and multiple campaign and lead management
  • Designed to increase productivity.

AMEYO's Predictive Dialer's best-of-breed technology ensures lowest dropped or abandoned calls, eliminates unproductive calls (Answering Machine Detection, busy signals, SIT tones) and manages leads and campaigns intelligently. Its revolutionary algorithm (Learnsys) is based on machine learning, via various parameters (connectivity ratio, lead quality, agent's performance) at run-time. It impacts the connect ratio significantly, scoring around double the number of contacts in comparison to other standard predictive dialing solutions.

All this at an amazingly lower total cost of ownership
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