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Our Esteemed Clients
We launched Fata-Fat Auto Cabs in Ludhiana. This on-demand auto service consists of a fleet of LPG-run autos managed from a centralized control room. Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the system integrators, offered us a state-of-art unified Call Centre solution on Drishti’s Ameyo platform resulting in better customer care and increase in efficiency & productivity of our in-house operations.
Sanjay Dhanda
Managing Director
Dhanda Autoneeds

Customer Speak

"Being a part of rural info-line domain was a pleasure. Drishti has been the right technology partner to help us deliver the standards expected. The efficiency of IVRS implemented and its flexibility to accommodate on-going process changes has been a key attribute for us to appreciate Ameyo more."
H S Gopal,
GS Management

"Drishti has been an excellent technology partner for us. Their solution has helped us expand our call center business while maintaining utmost service quality even with a remote server location. The intelligent features of the Contact Center Solution from Drishti could very effectively handle our highly successful telemarketing and customer support processes. We recommend it as a quality contact center solution."
Jun Cavan,
Network Operations Manager

"We stress on customer retention as a defining point for business growth. For this, we needed a solution that could ensure highest quality customer interactions. Ameyo provided us the necessary technology support and intelligently mapped to our client processes."
Girish Singh,
National IT Head
Magus Customer Dialog

"We were looking for an advanced predictive dialer. My technology team introduced me to Ameyo and the completeness and user-friendly interface of the product made it a perfect choice for us. With all-in-one functionalities, Ameyo has certainly exceeded my expectations."
Munjal Shah,
Ken-Tech Data Ltd.

"In our business, we have to contact parents and students who are registered users of our website. There is lot of time spent in trying to talk to them since their availability for a discussion is highly undefined. Drishti's solution helped us in contacting more consumers within same time and resources and hence improved productivity per resource. To sum it up, Drishti’s dialer solution helped us contact more consumers within given time and resources. It has a simple interface and functioning which makes it easy to adapt and install."
Swapnil Tripathi,
Head-Sales & Marketing

"Beam Telecom figures in the list of India's Top 10 Largest Stand Alone ISP's. We have been constantly evolving and improving our service and support to our customers. One such evolution saw us deploying the Ameyo Contact Centre Platform. Ameyo being scalable and easy to deploy, has helped us to offer an improved support experience to our subscriber base and continues to add value to our business on a day to day basis."
Subram Kapoor,
Executive Director
Beam Telecom

"We launched Fata-Fat Auto Cabs in Ludhiana. This on-demand auto service consists of a fleet of LPG-run autos managed from a centralized control room. Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the system integrators, offered us a state-of-art unified Call Centre solution on Drishti’s Ameyo platform resulting in better customer care and increase in efficiency & productivity of our in-house operations."
Sanjay Dhanda,
Managing Director
Dhanda Autoneeds

"BPO Asia is very particular about quality of experience extended to our clients. We were evaluating the right technology and tools for us, to implement an intelligent customer interaction management solution and found Ameyo a perfect fit. The IP and Software-based contact center suite was feature-rich and flexible enough to meet our specific business needs of skill-based routing and quality management which are very important for multi-cultured and multi-lingual country like Malaysia. We are now able to make sure that customers get to talk to the best available agent to handle the interaction thereby enhancing the overall experience."
Ken Wong,
VP Operations
BPO Asia

"Innovation is sine qua non for a firm growth and survival, more so in the current turbulent business environment. At NASSCOM, we have been focusing on creating a innovation ecosystem in India and the NASSCOM Innovation Awards are an important component of our efforts in promoting and showcasing innovation in the Indian IT industry. The winners of the NASSCOM Innovation Awards are selected after a very rigorous three-step process involving leading subject matter experts. Drishti winning innovation represents innovation at its best in that it integrate disparate technologies into a solution which addresses a customers real-life problem and hence will be able to provide a significant revenue payback for Drishti."
Rajdeep Sahrawat,
Vice President

"We planned to scale up our business processes as well as enhance our service delivery standards. The best possible solution we could think of to enable this was Avaya. But the cost factor and the rigidity of the solution towards process changes were not favouring us. We evaluated Ameyo on the same platform and found it a perfect fit for our critical processes. The solution was a quality technology product packaged at a reasonable cost."
Nassz Amjad,
MindEye Inc BPO

"Customer Experience is of utmost importance in our business. We required a technology solution that could deliver good customer experience and help us attain our goal. We chose Drishti due to their competence and the way they moved to have in-depth understanding of our specific business requirements. The speed of execution from their end was superb. We are glad to have chosen Drishti"
Anuragi Raman,
Sr. Vice President (Business Process Excellence & IT)
Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

Drishti's advanced technology platform, DACX Ameyo, proved to be just the right solution that could understand our workflow, and address the core issues in order to achieve process automation while lowering operational and transaction costs. We look forward to Drishti's support in future too"
Parikshit Dar,
Director, Technology

“After reviewing several providers, we chose Drishti because of their cutting-edge technology. A very good call center solution like Drishti yields high RoI and can be one of the performance drivers of call center operations. Ameyo is so user friendly that we can manage it without any IT personnel, and if we ever have issues, Drishti's highly responsive support is accessible immediately”
Medz Kapunan,
Managing Director
Pacific Prime, Philippines

"We chose Ameyo over 20 other solutions because of its high Answering Machine Detection and flexible CRM. We are delighted by Drishti’s response time in meeting our changing requirements. With this kind of support and deliver ability we are confident of growing rapidly with Drishti."
Subbaiah KP,
Ex - IT Head,
Origin Call Center, Bangalore, India

“I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Drishti and their Ameyo Suite of products. They confirmed to our exact needs and provided us an unsurpassed level of support”.
Justin Lines,
Capital Investments & Asset Holding Inc

"Your support and assistance all year has been welcomed, extremely appreciated and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for that support. When companies combine their talents and support one and other in this way, almost invariably both will benefit from the success of each other."


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India has a lot of potential as far as contact center and telephony solutions are concerned. With a technology partner like Drishti, we aim at exploring this market to the fullest, and providing businesses in this geography with advanced, all-in-one communications solutions to facilitate higher productivity.
Ashdhir Kinra
Sales and Operation, Cohesive technologies
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